Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anti-Catholic Comments from Edwards Bloggers

John Edwards campaign has been in the news lately for his hired bloggers' comments about the Catholic Church. The comments were particularly vile. I am even loathe to copy them here because the comments were especially disgusting. Its important to see them though with people like the AP seemingly ignoring the comments and only mentioning the effects of them.

Mr. Edwards has decided not to fire them according to the news. If like comments were made about any other minority group there would be all kinds of fire and brimstone in the media. But alas, the Catholic Church is a perfectly acceptable target. It is afterall, the last acceptable prejudice in America. Anti-Catholicism has been around since the Church's inception roughly 2000 years ago and its not going anywhere. So I'm perfectly fine accepting this sort of the rot from people as a form of redemptive suffering.

The Catholic League has been on top of this, so here are the links:

John Edwards Hires Two Anti-Catholics
John Edwards tolerates anti-Catholicism

I want to point out though that the comments are not only offensive to Catholics, but all Christians and even non-Christians with any sort of moral center about them.

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