Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Coming soon...

An update on my current catechetical state. Right now I'm about a few weeks out from being done with all my lessons with my priest. I'm pretty excited but at the same time I know I'm going to miss it. Its enjoyable to sit each week and learn more about the Faith, get refreshed on some points, and be able to talk back and forth about questions I have.

We have touched on just about everything, and we've never minced words. I've gotten the Faith taught to me straight up and with no apologies. He has said that his job isn't to make people feel good by sacrificing doctrine but to tell them the truth.

For lessons we have The Blessed Virgin, the Sacraments, and two other topics which I can't bring to mind at the moment. Suffice it to say, I'm already well educated in some of this but being able to sit across from the walking encyclopedias of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter has been a major help. Sitting and talking has also made me feel more welcome in the Church, which I just sort of planted myself in about a year ago. People have asked me "Are you in RCIA?" The answer is "No, I'm not." Since I'm coming in under the FSSP there is no RCIA, for which I must say I am pretty grateful for. I've heard both nice and terrible stories about it and I'm glad I found a place where I don't have to deal with the roulette game it brings.

So I'll be confirmed soon! Be sure I'll let everyone know when that is about to happen.

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