Monday, February 26, 2007

It begins again...

Every year, as I have noted previously on this blog, around this time (and Christmas) cable TV begins its unbiased brand-new look into the life and times of Jesus Christ and his followers. They really dig up the dirt and present us with stunning all-new-all-telling documentaries on just who was this man Jesus? Was he a simple preacher made to be God by a zealous ex-Pharisee? Was he married? Did he have children? Was he resurrected? Every year a completely new story emerges.

Now from the director of Titanic comes a new special complete with DNA testing and Biblical study. (??) I'm sorry but this one is a bit much. I read about it and for maybe 1 minute considered the implications if it was true. Then I chuckled when my feeble brain destroyed the theory in my head after just a minute of thought. I would share my thoughts but its not worth the time to type it out. Besides, others came to the same conclusion.

Listen to Fr. Seraphin Beshoner pull apart the Jesus Tomb garbage theory.

Other than that, we can revisit my post from November 2005 about the amazing special on the "Real Jesus". Read: It's beginning to look a lot like Solstice.

Now I've since learned that other scholars are rolling their eyes at him. This is old news, and a previously discounted theory. Bring it on Mr. Cameron.

Oh and one last thing...
The archaeologist who actually did the dig says its not our Jesus.

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