Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've got the KVM Blues

Today I installed a new KVM switch on my computers, which allows me to go back and forth between my PC and Mac. I normally wouldn't do it during the work day, but its really irritating trying to work with a double set of everything on your desk - two monitors, keyboards, and mice.

At first it worked great and I was able to do whatever I needed to. Then I accidentally put the PC to sleep with a button on the keyboard. I hate Windows standby mode because it has never worked properly for me. Anyway, the KVM switch moved over to the Mac and would not wake the PC. I held down the KVM switch button and got the mouse to move on the PC but the keyboard wouldn't work - and it kept on switching back to the Mac. Finally I turned off the PC and plugged the double peripherals back into everything- attempting to get back to normal.

Undesired result:
It fried my USB keyboard. No Mac keyboard anymore, which means I need to buy a new one. Blast!!


Jeff Miller said...

I use an open source program called synergy that works with both windows and mac.

I am able to use my mouse and keyboard on my main computer and laptop just as long as they are on the network.

Matt said...

Thanks Jeff - I'll definitely look into that.

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