Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Microsoft, 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

The last two days have been sort of hectic. Yesterday was spent in a hotel learning about new Microsoft products in Scranton. We participated in the Microsoft Partner training sessions. Pretty interesting, but I'd say Vista really isn't all that special. My Apple does just about everything in Mac OSX that Vista does. All the while sitting all I could think of was how much catching up Microsoft has had to do in the past years.

The real impressive product was actually MS Office 2007. The new version is packed with cool stuff that will help me be way more productive...especially the new Outlook. To boot, we walked out with 2 free copies (one each) of Office 2007 Professional! Thank you Microsoft.

Today was spent playing with Office 2007 and waiting for my archaic PC to begrudgingly install all the cool new stuff. This includes the new "Windows Search" plug-in you can download from Microsoft to essentially put the "new" search capabilities from Mac OSX mean Windows Vista right into my Windows XP machine. That sort of negates all desire I have to upgrade until I absolutely have to.

But the new Office is worth it. Its really nice to look at and once you get used to the interface you realize that maybe Microsoft ain't so bad after all.

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