Sunday, February 11, 2007

Passion of the Christ: Definitive Edition

Caravaggio depicts St. Thomas with his fingers in the wounds of Christ.

Happy Sexegesima Sunday. Today marks my 1year anniversary of my first "Tridentine" Liturgy at St. Michael's. At the time I didn't know that this is where I'd end up. But here I am.

Anyway, just a quick note for today - I purchased the Passion of the Christ definitive edition this weekend and it was a worthy purchase. Are the special features worth buying the movie all over again? IMHO: Yes. Both the cut version (less bloody) and the original version (watching is a penance in and of itself) are on this DVD, even though the box is confusing.

So far, I watched it with the "footnote - a la pop-up video" commentary. Watching the movie with that made the purchase a worthy one alone. The best thing I learned so far is that the movie was shot "to look like moving Caravaggio painting." It does - and now I see the movie in a whole new light!

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