Thursday, February 01, 2007

Swamped in my Little Office

Ok, so lately I have been swamped with work - which is the reason my blogging time has been suffering. Yes - I typically blog at work, which seems to work out for me because I work from home. There are tons of things my fingertips wish to write about here - have no worry. I've got two books on order from on Christianity and Islam, plus I emailed Baronius Press regarding their edition of the Little Office of the BVM and received a great response.

Little Office Update:
I asked last week if anyone knew the difference between the 1904 and 1914 editions of the Little Office. I have the ever so bland 1983 edition but have been trying to find a better one. I know Baronius Press is working on putting theirs out so I decided to send them a note and see what their edition would entail.

Turns out the Baronius edition (editio typica 1960) is going to be packed with things the newer-blander-ICEL version doesn't have, such as the chant settings for the the hymns! I'm not going to give out the item description in total here because I don't have permission to do so and who knows if its finalized or not. I didn't ask for a date of publication because I'm sure that irritates the heck out of them. From the description I was given I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

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