Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you, St. Cecilia

In all my years as a musician I never expected one of my best musical experiences would be with a 10 person choir singing in unison. In fact it sounds absurd when you think of it. However I assure you it was not.

Sitting in the pew for a regular Sunday high mass is usually a very meditative and wonderful experience for me. Its a time to pray along with the priest and congregation and connect spiritually with God. This past Sunday amplified it was amplified even more.

As you've probably already surmised, I've joined the choir. My Liber Usualis is on its way, and so is a little helper book I am going to be using to re-teach myself chant notation.

The people in the choir and the director were so nice in letting me join with them, and so helpful and patient with my neume reading. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

I wish everyone could hear how the voices fill that parish, its out of this world sometimes.

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