Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tolkien gets the SQPN treatment.

As many of you already know - I am an avid supporter of SQPN, the StarQuest Production Network. They have just launched a new show regarding another of my favorite 'things': the Lord of the Rings. Tolkien, who was a real live practicing Catholic, produced enough content for SQPN to do shows for the next 20 years. Also of note is that Tolkien contributed translations (or part of them) of the books Job and Jonah for the "Jerusalem Bible", which is the edition used by Mother Angelica and many others.

(The following is FROM SQPN.COM)

CONYERS, GA - The Internet’s most popular portal for Catholic podcasts, the Star Quest Production Network (, announces the addition of a new show to its line-up of popular Catholic programming.

“The Secrets of the Lord of the Rings” is a thrilling audio podcast that takes listeners on a voyage through the mythological and religious themes that have made J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional work loved around the world.

Exciting moment

In the midst of the recent publication of Tolkien’s posthumous “Children of Hurin,” and the April launch of a worldwide online multiplayer game based on the world of Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” the new podcast is launched at an exciting moment for fans of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

“People continue to be intrigued by these stories and want to know more about the events, the characters, and the mythology of the world that Tolkien created”, says Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, Catholic priest and host of the new podcast. “However, few people realize that the Lord of the Rings and other books by this great author are deeply rooted in Tolkien’s Catholic faith.”

Catholic perspective

“In his works, Tolkien expresses fundamental themes like love and hate, selfishness and self-sacrifice, loyalty and betrayal, good and evil, and shows the Catholic perspective on these matters in a subtle and non-allegoric way. In this new podcast, I want to highlight these deeper layers of the mythology of Middle Earth.”

Fr. Roderick is founder and CEO of SQPN inc., an international Catholic multimedia organization focusing on Catholic evangelization and education. Its website hosts nearly 30 catholic audio and video podcasts, and reaches a worldwide audience of an estimated 100,000 people.

Information and links to subscribe to “Secrets of the Lord of the Rings” can be found at, the home of the Star Quest Production Network.

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