Monday, May 21, 2007

Cataclysmic Monday Television

Over the past few months my Monday nights have been the most television heavy of them all. I enjoy DVRing episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise on Sci-Fi, but it conflicts with Heroes and 24 with also come on at the same time. Tonight at 9pm, the stars will converge in a Biblical way when Enterprise, Heroes (season finale), 24 (season finale) , and Yankees vs. Red Sox are all on at the same time.

Typically I can DVR 2 things and watch a 3rd somewhere else in my house. But 4?! I refuse to "tape" something so one of them will have to suffer. It will all depend on how the game is going at 9pm. Before then its all up in the air.

After tonight though it will be smooth sailing Monday night with Heroes and 24 both finished. Enterprise will be done in a few more weeks too (re-runs will, er, begin re-running). But one show on Monday nights will stay strong, and thats "The Journey Home."

I watch the Journey Home every week. I've even met Marcus Grodi once last year in Philadelphia. Luckily, it doesn't conflict with my DVR-orama and comes back on at 1am if I want to catch it then or record it later. It comes on at 8pm EST.

If you aren't familiar with the Journey Home program, its all convert stories to the Catholic Church. 90% of the converts interviewed are former protestant ministers. As a convert I enjoy hearing about other peoples' journeys.

I like to look ahead and see if any of the converts coming up on the show are from interesting versions of Christianity. He's had a few Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons on before. Tonight is a former Presbyterian, which is what I used to be. So I'm definitely going to tune in.

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