Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Different Forms of Catholic Worship

Today my good friend Tim (Tim's Think Tank) asked me this question:

Tim: question... i know the catholic church is all "old skool" but are there any out there that try and break from tradition and do modern services? you know, modern music, video screens, etc

That question sparked a good conversation about worship practices in general but afterwards a thought occurred to me. For those friends and family of mine who aren't around the Catholic Church or have ever been to a mass, I might be the only positive association they've ever had with the Church. Of course the media is less than friendly unless you are some sort of dissident embracing pop culture (except on rare occasions) so it is feasible that those outside the Church are not familiar with the different of expressions of the faith.

He mentioned "break with traditions". We did not discuss capital-T and lowercase-t traditions, which is a completely different conversation, so I only talked about the lowercase kind. Those are the ones that have to do mainly with pious practice and not apostolic authority.

The answer of course is a resounding "yes". There are many people who faithfully adhere to the Church's teaching with a more charismatic spin. The Church, in her wisdom and for pastoral reasons allows those who connect better with that style of mass to do so. It is certainly not my cup of tea, though. But I do have a friend of mine who is a faithful Catholic and attached to the Stuebenville type stuff. We get along fine.

Ok so I can talk about this all I want but yer still not going to see it in action unless you actually attend different kinds of liturgy. Right? Wrong. Thats what YouTube is for!

Watch them. Here you go:

I can't embed this one (LAME), but it is a sort of charismatic worship at the University of Steubenville. Go watch it and you'll see a freer style that is still in line with the Church.

Another kind is a more traditional form of Mass. Here is a beautiful Sarum rite mass from YouTube. This author graciously allows embedding.

Of course we can't leave out the Eastern Rites either. I love this music by the way, the Cherubic Hymn.

This is weird but I cannot find any good clips of a "regular" mass being done. I have to get back to work , but I will keep searching for one. The fact that they are strangely missing from YouTube I think shows the growing popularity of the more traditional forms of worship. Saying that though, I realize that the vast majority of Catholics attend the regular mass each week, which is sort of a mix between the first clip and the more traditional clip I posted. I hope this helps anyone who is interested in seeing how we can all share the same faith but practice it slightly different.

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