Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pope O'Rama

Pope Benedict XVI breaks out the Saturno for the fans. Red Hat Ladies everywhere flock to his audience. (ok, not really)

Pope Benedict has been busy lately - as we know. He had an outstanding tour in Brazil two weeks ago and now he's back at the Vatican drawing crowds of 50,000 in St. Peter's square. The Italian press is apparently throwing pebbles in his direction again. (according to Fr. Z) His new book "Jesus of Nazareth" was just published in English, and according to the Drudge Report it has defeated Christopher Hitchens "God is Not Great" on the NYTimes bestseller list for the week.

The only reason I didn't buy Ben's new book is because I couldn't drop $25 on it, as pretty as it is, to have it sit on my shelf with the others in my collection crying to heaven to be read. So instead I've made a commitment to finish another book I have on the life of Christ..."The Life of Christ." by Bishop Fulton Sheen. If you have never picked it up, I suggest you do. Its amazing and eye opening. Wow, I mean really, wow.

Anyway, I've wanted to make this comment for a while now... I've heard a lot about the "JPII Generation" which is the generation of people who grew up with John Paul II and were really energized by him. Well thats not me. In fact, the first time I had stepped into a Catholic church in years was the day the Pope died (with Chrissy, from Living in the Midwest) for a Bach Festival organ concert. Even now when I hear people talk about JPII and how much they miss him, how great he was, how he was a father figure to them...I don't feel the connection.

I realize that's probably because I wasn't Catholic when JPII was alive. OK, so be it. But Benny's the guy now and he's is extremely impressive. Watching him in Brazil was energizing to say the least. His speeches were a-ma-zing and you could see the reactions of the people there that they were well received.

Rant complete, for now.

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