Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Would you like a Spring Roll?

I am not a photographer, so my method of taking pictures goes something like this: Fiddle the the camera settings (hey, its fun) point and click. I figure by doing that I'll have to get a good shot now and then right? I like taking pictures outside and often use my photos as wallpaper for my computer. I hope you enjoy them too.

After all, why can't we marvel at God's creation together? I think my photos are pretty relevant and I know there are some readers who would agree that we should do a bit more marveling at nature than most of us do.

p.s. if you would like a bigger version of the photos for your wallpaper just shoot me an email and I'll send em over to ya.

These blue flowers are at the edge of my driveway.

Took this one when I was on a walk the other day.

This is from a red tree we have outside the house.

Not all weeds are ugly.

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