Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Dog Burrito time

Today I created what I believe is a brand new creation for lunch. Thats right, you read it, the Hot Dog Burrito. I wanted to share this culinary delight with my readers. It is the product of having only bits and pieces of things around the kitchen but not enough to complete your standard dish.

For instance, I had hot dogs but no buns. Tortillas but no rice or ground beef. Cheese but no lunch meat (so wrap was out.)


Take a standard tortilla (12" diameter) and put it on a plate. Cut up 2 hotdogs however you would like. Put them in the middle of the tortilla. Now take one slice of American Cheese and tear it up too if you want. Place that on top of your hot dogs. Add relish, ketchup, and mustard (whatever you like on your hot dogs). Fold both ends of your burrito in and then close the other two flaps so there is no opening in your wrap. This will prevent the cheese from melting out all over your pan.

Heat a pan on your stove that has been sprayed with PAM. I use PAM because it is zero calories but you can use standard oil if you want. (its your health here, not mine)

Put burrito in the pan. Flip after a few minutes once the side is nice and browned. Cook each side evenly. Let cool for a few seconds before you stuff it in your mouth, to prevent emergency room visits from scalding cheese inside. Enjoy.


ANawtyMouser said...

Ohmygosh! I think I gained 5 Lbs just reading this post!

Matt said...

Don't fret. They were lowfat Turkey Hot Dogs. You might have only gained a pound and a half. :-)

Roland Saint-Laurent said...

I actually grew up on hot dog burritos, except mine were fried on the outside, and the hotdogs weren't cut up. Keep spreading the word, though...they're delicious!

trustyboard said...

I grew up on hot dog burritos as well. Forty years ago, my mom used to heat up hot dogs and chili. She would throw some chopped onions and shredded cheese into the tortilla and roll it up. I loved them so much, she would make extra and freeze them. Whenever I had the craving, I could throw one into the microwave and in moments, I'd be enjoying one of those tasty little creations.

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