Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anti-Catholic Masons in the news

I recently caught something on EWTN about the Mexican Catholic Martyrs of the 1920s (on up) during the revolution. Today I see this in the news:

Mexican masons lament decline of influence and launch new attack on the Church

.- After decades of indirectly criticizing the Catholic Church through friendly media outlets, the powerful Mexican Masonry has now directly gone after Catholic bishops, accusing them of pretending to “control” Mexican politics by demanding the right to education and information.

The previous Mexican Constitution, because of Masonic influence, stripped the Church of the right to own schools and communications media. Recently, the Mexican bishops announced they would begin a campaign to regain these rights.


The anti-clerical policies were kept in place throughout the entire period of rule by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), dominated by the Masons, from 1929 to 2000.

The Mexican bishops, together with the College of Catholic Lawyers, intend to present a proposal to the Mexican Congress that would nullify laws that are “discriminatory and outdated.”

Full story here...

I know of Masons who are just in the organization to be involved in the community. I also know some who are completely and totally involved because they believe the philosophy. The Church still holds to its anti-Mason stance and that will probably never change.

All of that reminds me of this picture, which I've seen many times now and is stuck in my head. Pictures from the Spanish Revolution are WAY worse however...

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