Friday, August 24, 2007

Conservative, Liberal, Trad, Neo-Cath, Papist, Novus Ordo, Tridentine...

This is how I understand the terms. Problem is that everyone has something different in their heads. I also don't espouse myself to any one stereotype. I think I even misuse them.

Agrees with Church teaching but likes the new liturgy.

Disagrees with Church teachings. Likes the new liturgy for the most part but it might not be squishy enough even as it is.

Traditionalists (Trad or Traddy)
Someone who almost exclusively attends a pre-1965 liturgy. Wants little or nothing to do with anything after Vatican II. Its possible Vatican II wasn't even real. If it was then perhaps we should just forget about it and move on.

Orthodox Catholic
Could mean Eastern Catholic or someone who holds all of the tenets of the faith.

Likes the new and old masses. Agrees with Church teachings in a JPII sort of way. Open to ecumenism and practices their faith pretty hardcore.

Someone who wants a return to Catholic-run government system and sees anything which does not aspire to this end as being liberal.

Novus Ordo Catholic
Sadness inspired term used by traditionalists to describe abuse laden mass attendees.

See traditionalist.

Hand raising, alleluia singing, all praise and no penance people.

We need new terminology. The terms we use today to describe fellow Catholics are not appropriate. At best they are confusing. I think people are beginning to realize this nowadays. I've been pondering this topic the past day because of a conversation I've been having over at Moonshadow's blog regarding scripture. (Check it out)

I personally like the term Orthodox Catholic the best. But the confusion is obvious. Its difficult to use in conversation, awkward even.

Open to suggestions.


Oscar1986 said...

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Moonshadow said...

I took this quiz at beliefnet a long time ago. It seems that since they've changed their results designations.

This quiz has categories more consistent with what you've offered, in line with what most generally think of. Oh, my results, if you must know.

Do you want me to bring our NIV discussion to the top level on my blog? I considered it but it's so long ... :-) Who'd want to read it, really?! Maybe when we are done, I'll bring it up.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton