Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My favorite Mass prayer

Its not an exciting topic but every time we get to this part of the Mass on Sunday I get all tingly so I thought I would share. It is my favorite Mass prayer.

Libera nos, quaesumus, Domine, ab omnibus malis, praeteritis, preasentibus et futuris: et, intercendent beata et gloriousa semper Virgine Dei Genitrice maria, cum beatis Apostolis tuis Petro et Paulo, atque Andrea, et emnibus Sanctis, da propitius pacem in diebus nostris: ut ope misericordiae tuae adjuti, et a peccato simus semper liberi, et ab omni perturbatione securi.

Deliver us, we beseech Thee, O Lord, from all evils, past, present, and to come; and by the intercession of the blessed and glorious ever Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and of the holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, and of Andrew, and of all the Saints, mercifully grant peace in our days, that through the assistance of Thy mercy we may be always free from sin, and secure from all disturbance.

I don't know why I like it so much. But we all have certain prayers that effect us differently. What prayers do you like best? It doesn't have to be from Mass or any kind of official prayer but lets take a little time to share, shall we?


J and J said...

As my blog is titled "The Breastplate of Saint Patrick" that is my favourite prayer. I love how it begins:
I arise today through a mighty strength, the invocation of the Trinity, through belief in the Threeness, through confession of the Oneness of the Creator of creation.

I arise today through the strength of Christ with his Baptism, through the strength of His Crucifixion with His Burial through the strength of His Resurrection with His Ascension, through the strength of His descent for the Judgment of Doom.

Then my favourite part:
I arise today, through God's strength to pilot me: God's might to uphold me, God's wisdom to guide me, God's eye to look before me, God's ear to hear me, God's word to speak for me, God's hand to guard me, God's way to lie before me, God's shield to protect me, God's host to secure me: against snares of devils, against temptations of vices, against inclinations of nature, against everyone who shall wish me ill, afar and anear, alone and in a crowd.

It's long but it's a good one to read all the way through. I have it linked on my blog.

Moonshadow said...

From Eucharistic Prayer I (Roman Canon):

Supplices te rogamus, omnipotens Deus: iube haec perferri per manus sancti Angeli tui in sublime altare tuum, in conspectu divinae maiestatis tuae; ut quotquot ex hac altaris participatione sacrosanctum Filii tui Corpus et Sanguinem sumpserimus, omni benedictione caelesti et gratia repleamur.

"Almighty God, we pray that your angel may take this sacrifice to your altar in heaven. Then, as we receive from this altar the sacred body and blood of your Son, let us be filled with every grace and blessing."

For a few reasons:

(1) the idea that there is an altar in heaven, the real altar - think "prototype" - of which our altars on earth are mere copies, relatively speaking - Rev. 6:9, 8:3, 8:5, 9:13, 14:18, 16:7

(2) the idea of angels as "go-betweens", bringing closer heaven and earth - Gen. 28:12-17; John 1:51

(3) the Real Presence in the Eucharist and its spiritual benefits.

Frank said...

One of my favourite prayers is the prayer of preparation before mass (by St. Thomas Aquinas) which is found in the Breviery (not sure if it is also in the Missal)
It's a little on the long side, but hey, from the man who wrote the Summa (amongst other things) its relatively brief:

I give Thee thanks, O holy Lord, Father Almighty, Eternal God, that Thou hast vouchsafed, for no merit of my own, but of the mere condescension of Thy mercy, to satisfy me, a sinner and Thine unworthy servant, with the Precious Blood of Thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ. I implore Thee, let not this Holy Communion be to me an increase of guilt unto my punishment, but an availing plea unto pardon and forgiveness. Let it be to me the armor of faith and the shield of good will. Grant that it may work the extinction of my vices, the rooting out of concupiscence and lust, and the increase within me of charity and patience, of humility and obedience. Let it be my strong defense against the snares of all my enemies, visible and invisible; the stilling and the calm of all my impulses, carnal and spiritual; my indissoluble union with Thee the one and true God, and a blessed consummation at my last end. And I beseech thee that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to bring me, sinner as I am, to that ineffable banquet where Thou, with the Son and the Holy Ghost, art to Thy saints true and unfailing light, fullness and content, joy for evermore, gladness without alloy, consummate and everlasting bliss. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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