Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Windshield Pamphlet Policy?

Want to know a great way to alienate yourself and remove any possibility of convincing people to your way of thinking? Put religious tracts announcing the end of the world on peoples' cars during church services. Thats a good start.

Last night while I was singing at a beautiful High Mass for Assumption someone thought it was absolutely vital to place "Last Chance for World Peace" pamphlets on windshields. It is not unexpected for fundamentalists to sit outside of Catholic parishes and challenge the faithful as they leave. In fact I know of one such case happening at my parish last year. They hope to find Catholics who don't know much about their faith and make them begin to question things etc. Needless to say at my parish they were less than successful.

But this pamphlet was NOT from a fundamentalist group but one alleging to be Catholic. I'm not going to name the group because the last time I named a group (the JW's) I got barraged with all kinds of nasty comments. This group is one of those Fatima types that holds apocalyptic views unless Russia gets properly consecrated.

Nevertheless, I keep these kinds of things for future reference. But when I receive Chick Tracts, JW Literature, or other Fundamentalist literature it doesn't get thrown away. (at least not immediately)

I thought I was done with apocalyptic musings since I joined the Catholic Church but I guess not! These types are the Catholic answer to Jack van Impe. They are sincere for sure and I don't want to demean their faith. But I do think it is dangerous to become so devoted to private revelation that it obscures everything else.

I already have a Comment Box policy, do I need a Windshield policy now?


Moonshadow said...

I thought I was done with apocalyptic musings since I joined the Catholic Church but I guess not!

LOL! All those things they never told you ...

On the contrary, we have our own peculiar strain of apocalypticism:

"Detractors view these conservative Catholics as operating from an axiomatic definition of the world today as sinful and corrupted and due for chastisement.

However, the worldview is dependent upon a Biblical model of seeing human sins and outrages against God being dealt with by judgment, chastisement, purification, and redemption."

Matt said...

I am considering committing "de-tract-ion" and letting my parish priest know about it. He didn't celebrate mass last night, a visiting priests from the Denton seminary did.

(bad joke, i know) :-)

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton