Thursday, August 30, 2007

Overheard in local Catholic shop... :-)

Today is my 28th birthday, so I went shopping for myself.

At the local Catholic bookstore I overheard the following between a priest and shopkeeper, talking about young priests: (loosely quoted...since I heard this 3 hours ago now)

Shopkeep: "So did you hear those guys [priests] are going back to the old things nowadays? Some of them are are wearing birettas again." (he also alluded to the fact priests had asked for them.)

Priest: "Yeah, its like turning back the clock." (negative tone) "Are you stocking them? I can't imagine you'd be selling many."

Shopkeep: "Actually we are ... "

Priest: "What are they going to use them for?! Well they'd better ask their rectors before they start wearing them..."

At that point the conversation switched and I stopped paying attention. I wasn't eves dropping until I heard "Old things" and "birettas". How could I not listen? :-) Anyway - that made my day to hear of a big demand for birettas in my local shop. Nice.

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