Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two Great Finds!

My friends and I have taken to attending the annual church festivals taking place around the area this summer. They all revolve around food but sometimes a church will have other things for sale. Well huzzah for me. Saturday at St. Benedict's festival they had a used book sale. I found several missals and old bibles for sale. I bought two of them in great condition.

The first is a Catholic Book Publishing Co. "New Catholic Bible Illustrated" published in 1954. It has the Confraternity New Testament with an Old Testament having the first 5 books newly translated (Confraternity) and the are were the 1899 Douay text. I paid only $2 for each!! I had to ask the teller if she meant it and got a weird look. Hey they set the price. Btw, they aren't for sale. I'm considering them as possible gifts for others.

It has a leather cover and is in incredible condition for a 53 year old used book.

Pope Pius XII looks thrilled doesn't he? :-)

The original ribbon, which is loose, was still with the Bible.

This edition has as devotions section too.

The Missal is a 1961 Fulton Sheen Sunday Missal in near immaculate condition.

A prayer of the mass...

An its translation...

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