Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats ATTACK good news from Iraq

Is anyone else watching what is happening on TV right now? The Democrats are in a crazed frenzy because there is positive news out of Iraq. They simply cannot let us win this war. They have charts "proving" our loss! Its amazing to watch them really. What has this country come to when our own leaders want us to lose a war? Are they mad?

All they can talk about is withdrawl. ?!?!?! What country has ever won a war by constantly talking about giving up? None. Rudy Guiliani pointed this out in the last debate.

If a Democrat should win in 2008, should we not support their efforts if a war is pursued? We should. The world is watching us fight internally. Shame on us.

*sigh* I hate politics. This is a bad way for me. Monarchy sounds better and better everyday. Think the queen will take us back and agree to seize power from Parliament again? (joking of course)


Chuck said...

I agree with you one hundred and fifty percent. (Ha!) No seriously. The Democrats are going to one day be their own demise. I have talked with several soldiers that have returned from Iraq and have said we are doing more good and if we withdraw it will be worse than we could ever imagine. Thanks for your post.


Citizen Cane said...

You may be Joking about the Queen but I am not. there is a reason why Holy Mother Church Favors Monarchies.

Tim said...


*sigh* I cannot disagree with you more on this.

They are upset because the news that you speak of is only "positive" because it's been manipulated and cherry-picked to death. This is a war that cannot be won or lost by America right now because this is no longer our war. It's an Iraqi civil war, and we're caught in the middle.

The "fighting internally" is called Democracy. Debate is a GOOD thing and produces better results than blind obedience. Had we had more of this post 9/11, we would have never entered Iraq.


"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton