Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Down one fruit of the Holy Spirit...

I have not had a proplerly working phone in three weeks now. My phone carrier has shipped my new one and it is/was supposedly out on the truck "for delivery" at 8:55AM. It is now 4:20pm and it is nowhere in sight. Patience is something God is apparently trying to teach me today. But I haven't been a very good student. I've been sitting and waiting, trying to work, sitting and waiting, all day long. To make things worse...3 other delivery services have already been here, but not the one I want. ARGH!

I am almost resolved to the fact it is simply not coming today. Oh well. This is why ordering thing through the mail always drives me up the wall. I also have on order...going on 2 weeks now, tomorrow...Church History by Fr. Laux (Tan Books) coming from Amazon. I ordered it from Amazon because of their usual speed, and it still has yet to ship. How hard is it to put a book in a box, slap a label on it and send it out? Huh? Come on Amazon!!

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Charles of New Haven said...

Hi Matt,

I've just today got around to returning your link! God bless.


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