Friday, September 07, 2007

Just Observing the GOP

Still not picking the right one, just observing. The GOP debate the other night was interesting, if not fun, to watch. I'll give a short opinion about each candidate.

Mitt Romney
This is the slickest character in the bunch. Now, I'm not saying dishonest, just slick. The most polished candidate we have by far, he has a glossy sheen visible from any building with a decent view. His Mormonism doesn't bother me as far as picking a president. I have never known a nasty immoral Mormon. All that being said, his polish doesn't impress me.

Rudy Guiliani
I could get slammed for this one. But maybe it has something to do with past events - I can't help but like Rudy. He's admittedly not perfect, nor is he the most desirable candidate for a true-conservative voter. But I think he takes defending this country seriously enough. He obviously did a fantastic job in NYC by cleaning up the place and helping make it safe again. Some people hate him for this. (Weird I know) Others dislike him due to his abortion stance. I think it is his abortion stance that will prevent me from outright supporting him. Though I would vote for him vs. Hillary. Best quote of the night when he mentioned that none of the leading Democrats had ever run a City, a State, or a Business but now they want to lead the country. Zing ... so true.

Duncan Hunter
This guy is good too. He seems like a real conservative but I don't think he can win. I don't even think he'll win enough primaries. A nice VP candidate in my opinion.

Mike Huckabee
I feel the same way about Mr. Huckabee that I do with Duncan Hunter. His mano y mano with Ron Paul was fantastic.

Ron Paul
Um. This guy is not a republican, he's a Libertarian. I know Libertarians and he's one of them. That being said I respect his enthusiasm and views but I don't think they are viable. Change like he wants it needs to be gradual. However except to the current situation in Iraq and abroad he makes some interesting and good points.

John McCain
He's a squishy Republican, but I don't think he'd make a bad president. I think he'd be an honest one that we could trust to always do what he saw was right. Under him the Government would expand as he "worked" with Democrats to further their control over our lives. But at least he would believe what he was doing is right. He wants to win the war and not throw down our weapons and beg for mercy from people we essentially can soundly defeat.

Sam Brownback
The obvious Catholic choice is not going to be the American choice. Lets get real here. His eyes are squinty and he is not an orator. Senator yes, President no. I'm pretty much fine on his issue stances from what I heard but his winning the general election is probably out of the question. He should be a great rally point for Catholics to vote for whomever he endorses. But maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully I am.

Fred Thompson
Not in the debate. But I really like his Federalism point of view. The view that the federal government ought not to be our solution to everything. He is the only candidate that I know of that has taken a political philosophy as his platform and not going issue by issue. I really really like that. It takes us away from the media manufactured issues (read: Headlines) and into how our government should work. My favorite line in his announcement video is: "A government that is big enough to do anything for you is big enough to do anything to you." Right on Fred. I really like what he says but the head bobbing when he talks drives me up the wall. Someone will work with him on the polish, count on that.

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