Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Republicans vs. Apple.

I plan on watching the Republican debate tonight. I think it is time that I weighed in on politics a little, even though I have been loathing that arena for over a year now. This blog has a history of commenting on politics and I intend to continue it. Is Sen. Brownback my candidate? Seems like he would be but I'm not sure yet. How about Fred "Reagan 2.0" Thompson, who is not in the debate?

But how, just how, can I pay attention with the news from Apple today?!?! The iPhone is now within reach by lowering its price by $200. Even the iPod nano is nearly worth my buying it. (due to its awesomeness) And how about that iPod Touch?!!? I admit, working today has been hard with watching the Apple news feeds.

Was it Apple's intention to create such a stir to distract from the Republican debate? No, but alas I am distracted.

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