Tuesday, January 22, 2008

35 Years of Sacrifice

You all know my abortion position. This is my pro-life post for the year. I don't like to focus on the issue. I don't march or attend rallies. Maybe some day I will. Regardless, here it is.

I heard an interesting comment today by a senator on EWTN's March for Life coverage. I can't remember his name but if you see a repeat you'll get it. He mentioned that many abortions are actually a "sacrifice". He meant it the old school way, as in the babies are being sacrificed to a God. Not GOD, but the god of materialism. Convenience. What a sickening thought. We live in a society where there is a constant push to remove God from daily life and yet we need to fill the void. This new god which is craved becomes our own passions. Our greed, our lust, our careers, or our things replace God and become its own manifestation. They become the object of our life. If I am my own God then who shall I answer to? The Government? What is the purpose of my life? Does morality become a matter of polling data and public opinion? Does Walmart society become the grand moral standard?

Obviously, that is not the case. God has provided us with an objective moral truth. In fact, God is all truth as a matter of his nature. The consequences of this reality are so vast that it is simply unmeasurable. God is all knowing, all just, all loving, all merciful. With regards to abortion he is no less those things. For every baby sacrificed to the god of materialism that is another soul who will be present at the final judgment. Those children will stand alongside those who vacuumed them out of the womb before the same judge as the rest of us.

At the same time, God knows the hearts of the women who have had abortions and their circumstances. His mercy is not lesser than the power of the saline solution formerly used to burn the children out of the their mother. And because of his Mercy, our desire for justice should not overpower our sensibilities. God will have mercy on those who perform and have abortion procedures done should they ask for it. We should all hope he will be as merciful with the lot of all us sinners which not one of us can claim not to be. Therefore without judgment on our part we pray not only for those culled at the hands of a doctor but also those who partake in this sacrament to the god of materialism.

The argument in favor of abortion as a "choice" is as intellectually dishonest as it is horrifying. It is the case that many women have abortions precisely because they feel they have no choice in the matter. Sometimes its a boyfriend who pushes, perhaps a down-syndrome diagnosis, potentially angry parents, or some financial need. It would be a much more appropriate for the pro-abortion lobby to change their slogan to "Pro-No-Choice", because that is the reality.

The horrifying part comes when it really is a choice. I can't even imagine this one. A woman gets pregnant and upon hearing the news immediately thinks: "Hrm, should I keep this one? I just don't know, it might interfere with my vacation." (or some variation) Those are the truest sacrifices of materialism. They represent the loss of any moral compass.

So today, as we mourn the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision 35 years ago, let us pray for the victims and the transgressors. They are both in need of our love and support.

For more perspective here is an article from Catholic Online:

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