Monday, May 19, 2008

Change in Style

YES, you are in the right place!

I "upgraded" my style today by reverting to the original template. Ironic eh? Well I thought the change was timely and necessary. The template reflects, I think, my more traditional leaning. The title bar now contains a renaissance work depicting angels in heaven playing instruments. You can bet they aren't playing "Here I am Lord." or "Make My Hands a Throne."

I'm probably not done tweaking. Not everything fits over on the left side. I'll fix that at some point or just get rid of a few things. It's getting cluttered over there anyway, and I wouldn't want to make St. Augustine feel crowded out.

Hope you all like it. Let me know one way or the other.


lvschant said...

I like it... I liked the other one, too... I am no help at all!

Thanks for the great posts...

Moonshadow said...

It is more in keeping with the traditional tenor of the blog. And brown is the new black; earth-tones are ubiquitous (for good reason).

But the middle/text portion seems scrunched.

I favor the double sidebar style for the sake of balance. But even without that, I'd suggest making the center 50 px wider.

But, you're the web designer, not me. In fact, my template is a mutt, so standard disclaimers apply to my advice! :-)

Matt said...


Thanks. I'm glad you like my blog no matter what. :-)


I agree the text looks scrunched. When I get time I'll fix it. This is a blogger template, so if i stretch it it'll look funny. Yes, I do web design for a living. In fact its very possible you've seen a little sample of my work at a certain famous traditional religious order's website... I'll let everyone guess since I don't want to be identified across the web as the designer and then have my pride boosted. (I did it as volunteer.)

Moonshadow said...

That's very nice. I never would have guessed?

Matt said...

right church, wrong pew. Try .com

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