Friday, May 16, 2008

Continuing Apparition Discussion

I received a comment via email from a subscriber so I figured I would post it and my reply here. I hope my reader doesn't mind, since it goes right along with the current theme of private revelations. [With my commentary]

Hi Matt.

I enjoy reading your entries and am amazed by your energy and the extent of your knowledge and contacts. [A little over the top, but thank you. :-)] I first came across your site because of a comment you made about Freemasonry. I had come to the same conclusion thru researching the life of Thomas Francis Meagher and I have since found that our view of freemasonry was shared by five Popes , St. M. Kolbe and St. Padre Pio. [In modern times, we've swept the freemasonry problem under the rug. Still exists but now its just everywhere so we have to dialog. Sad really.]

About Medjugorge-- I have been there and suffered adverse effects. But I know nothing negative about it and believe Mary appears there. I am aware of the traditional cautions re ' private revelations'. But how are Fatima and Lourdes so readily described as private events? Put another way , if the Mother of God appears frequently now- e.g at Akita , Japan and Kibeho, Rwanda {'approved' appearances}--why is this so little spoken of or simply dismissed?

Sydney, Australia

Thanks for your email John. What do you mean by adverse effects from Medjugorje? Did it injure you in some way? As for the other revelations, my only theory as to why some are more popular is that there is something in the culture that speaks to us. Therefore private revelations such as Akita, which is much more negative than say Lourdes, is less popular. I am much more unfamiliar with Kibeho than the others so I can't comment on that.

As for the most popular Marian apparition, Fatima, it is easy to see how they can get out of control. Like I mentioned in my post, there are now organizations who fight the Church and her priests, laymen, princes, and popes actively for what they believe are the true revelations from Our Lady. How sad is that? The Fatima controversy is one reason I stay closer to Church teaching and further from private revelations than many of our fellowmen. It becomes a distraction too quickly from what really matters.

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