Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Related: "New" Marian Apparition

This is in relation to my previous post of Medjugorje. However this one now approved allows the faithful devotion in a whole new way. It sounds completely orthodox, unlike some heterorthodox "messages" from Medjugorje. I've decided to claim that new term as far as I am able because it makes the most sense. When looking at the word heterorthodox the reader can choose which way to look at the mix up. Its heterodox if you look at it one way and orthodox another. Thus, the mix up. I think we've got a lot of heterorthodoxy going on in the world today. But I digress...

The YouTube about the new apparition from CNA:


Moonshadow said...

"Between 1669 and 1679, Benedicta received five visions of the suffering Christ. On a Friday in July of 1673, the suffering Jesus told her: 'My daughter, I show myself in this state so that you can participate in my Passion.'”

Does the official approval also sanction her visions of Jesus?

"Mary revealed herself in Laus as the reconciler and refuge of sinners"

I'm ok with "refuge of sinners" but not "reconciler."

Matt said...

I think, like any public revelation, we're dealing with a human interpretation of whatever they "saw".

Mary however is at least co-reconciler as she is our co-mediatrix. Did I spell that right? I guess we can stretch it enough either way to make it orthodox. Hence, heterorthodoxy. However, the Church has approved it so now we're free to believe. We're also free not to.

Moonshadow said...

You spelled it right.

Mary however is at least co-reconciler as she is our co-mediatrix.

I don't see it that way.

"Reconciler" is atonement. The New Testament says that Jesus is our reconciliation, cf. verses associated with Strong's 2644 and G604.

None of Mary's roles -- co-mediatrix, etc. -- go into effect until Christ's blood makes atonement.

The argument against co-Redemptrix in this wiki article equally applies to co-reconciler, at least to me.

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