Monday, June 23, 2008

Catholic Beat Down

A friend of mine at the parish brought in a debate on his computer for us to sample on Sunday. Wow. It was kind of like watching someone like Mike Tyson beat up an old lady on the street. The debate was Vin Lewis vs. James White. I went to Vin Lewis’ website and there is a free one available online to listen to. I have to say though that his technique, in my opinion, oversteps the bounds Christian charity. But his information appears solid from what I have looked at (except maybe his “Nulla Salus extra ecclesia” stuff – I haven’t looked at that yet) If you just want to hear someone berate James White because you are mad at him for some other debate he put out on his website, this is the one for you.

In the debate he calls James White a coward. Entertaining but not so charitable. If you can handle it have a listen…

A story from This Rock magazine.

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