Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Signpost along the way

Today is the 1 Class Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.  In the new calendar we call it merely a solemnity.  Same feast new name.  To mark the occasion I went, for the first time since becoming Catholic, to my local parish for a daily mass.  It marks a big step for me since I pretty much avoided doing this until now.  In a small town people “talk” and regardless of what they might say good or bad, (hopefully not bad!)  I’d just rather have them not say anything at all.  You all get the drift. 


But I have really been feeling the call to attend the daily.  Every morning I have for several weeks I’ve been waking up and thinking “you could make it” or “you could have gone today”.  I figured the feast was a good excuse as any to push myself out the door.


Anyway so I went and arrived at 8:01am  and they were already at the Confiteor.  It never fails to amuse me how quick the Liturgy of the Word goes in the new mass.  Without the prayers at the foot of the altar you can be five minutes late and have missed enough of mass so that it won’t count to fulfill your Sunday obligation.  But I digress…


It was a really great experience and I will be going back.  I counted 20 people including the priest.  After mass he mentioned he was meeting with the Bishop today and had invited him to say mass tomorrow morning because he loved us.  What a nice thing or a priest to say.  So I’m definitely going to back tomorrow because the Bishop agreed to say the daily mass.  What a treat to attend such an intimate mass with your Bishop eh?  I knew I would be rewarded in some fashion for taking the step to go to the daily.  It appears this is a nice welcome gift.


But this also marks another new step for me.  About a month or two ago now I was moved to begin volunteering at the adoration chapel.  I also received word this week that my organ work may be receiving a substantial boost.  Now this.  Daily mass of all things.  Pray that I keep it up.  But I have to wonder, what’s next?




Moonshadow said...

Anyway so I went and arrived at 8:01am and they were already at the Confiteor.

There's no procession, the priest enters from the sacristy and he knows who the regulars are, so if everyone is present a little before 8, he'll start. Because everyone has someplace to get afterwards, don't they?

How many Catholics don't know there's any such thing as daily Mass? Maybe EWTN has changed that.

A friend during my undergrad days got me going daily during Lent. It was the "thing to do" in college but when I started working, I wondered, "Why only during Lent?" So I found a morning service that actually got me to work earlier than I would normally arrive. Seemed good, a good witness to my employer and co-workers.

Moving to NJ, the evening service fit my schedule better. And then moving out here, well, Fr. Mike just started a daily Mass a couple of years ago. I attended most recently on June 2nd and wondered why it's not a more regular thing for me, since my kids were fairly well-behaved. Then I went grocery shopping and my car reported a transmission problem and I went a week without a car. And I thought, "Yeah, that's why daily Mass isn't a more regular thing!"

Actually, my parish just hired a pastoral associate and I noted in the bulletin that she'll be leading a "Communion Service" a couple of times per week in lieu of Mass. That doesn't make me happy.

What I found from my daily Mass experience is that I became frustrated on Sundays (and Holy Days of Obligation) by the crowds of people relative to Weekday. And, of course, peeved at the overall lack of devotion that I perceived those Sundays-only crowds exhibiting. Since your Sundays are spent in a reverent parish, I can't imagine that being a stumbling block for you.

Matt said...

Thanks forvthe daily mass perspective. It is more reverent than Sunday, you are right. Odd though it would be that way...

Those two words "pastoral" and "associate" should never be used in sentence together. At least in that order. Associate pastor is ok, but that is entirely different.

I thought going to the ordinary mass during the week would bother but it doesn't. I am going to make another post on it but it essentially boils down to the fact that the lame music is gone.

Moonshadow said...

the fact that the lame music is gone.

Right, definitely.

And you haven't a cluster of lay people helping out during communion. There might be a lay reader and someone to handle the cup and that's it. Low maintenance.

Those two words "pastoral" and "associate" should never be used in sentence together.

Yes, it makes me uneasy. I've talked with her about Scripture ... and she just rips it apart. I know, pot calling kettle ... I know.

Matt said...

It depends on what you mean by ripped apart Scripture. Did she rip it apart like a protestant, an atheist, a jesus seminar person, or a womynpriest supporter?

Moonshadow said...

It was along the lines of "some things in the Gospels are exaggerated."

It was very clumsy ... I was disgusted with her lack of finesse. I mean, if I didn't know better, she'd have left me in the lurch with a remark like that.

So, I guess a "Jesus Seminar" person.

Matt said...

Oh and yes, there is 1 EMHC which I don't even think is "necessary" because its not necessary to distribute the precious blood. I just walk right by. I'm not the only one, quite a few seem to not want to partake the precious blood.

EMHCs are not my cup of tea and I have never nor do I plan on ever receiving from one. The church allows them and so be it. Its not my call.

They do have their uses however, like being able to repose and expose the blessed sacrament in the absence of a priest without any canonical confusion. So if someone were to call their diocese chancery and request information and sign up for classes to become one so they could fill that function properly, well that's something I couldn't argue with...

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