Friday, June 13, 2008

Son of Shelob!

Last night while praying Compline I felt something tickle my leg. I looked down, saw nothing and figured it was string on my shorts. I scratched my leg as a reaction. Then I saw something scurry across my other leg and felt the same tickle. The something was about the size of a mouse. It was a huge Wolf Spider.

We get them all the time. I have withstood them to their face in the main floor hallway, I have come across them mano y mano in our laundry room. Sometimes they escape, sometimes get go down in defeat, and several other times I have shown mercy by putting them in a cup and putting them outside. It depends on the demeanor of the spider. The nastier it looks the more likely I am to refuse mercy or escape.

This particular spider was the largest one I have ever seen that was not behind glass. I brushed it off and it fell to the floor and stayed there, not moving, but unharmed. I grabbed a flashlight from inside my nightstand (we have a problem with vandals in the neighborhood...) so I could better see the creature. Huge! Perhaps 4 inches in diameter. Son of Shelob it was!

I grabbed my shoe to deliver a fatal blow but when I did it scurried under the couch. I lifted the couch skirt and when I did I found it clinging to the underside of the it. Tricksy little Son of Shelob! I smacked it and it did not die. Then I went for the smack and drag option and that did it.

I do not delight in killing animals whatsoever. But there was no way I was sleeping with this thing in the room. Taking it outside was not an option because it would not be caught and I had no vessel to put it in.

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