Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Traddy Research Going on

I've been doing a lot of reading and research lately. Most of it regards typically "trad" subjects. For instance, I've begun and am thoroughly enjoying (not sure if that's the right word..) "The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber". Um, yeah, wow. The other night I was reading it and eerie music happened to be playing continually on some show over the TV. It fit! Reading this book is like watching the death of all the Jedi in Star Wars III on repeat...

I also downloaded a bunch of Michael Davies talks for free and found that he is definitely the "Scott Hahn" of traditionalists. Not a schismatic, not a "sede", but thoroughly traditional. A lot of the people in my parish love him and so I decided to give him a try. Perhaps I'll put links on the sidebar. His talks are worth listening to. I bought two of his mini-books (as I posted on here earlier).

So yeah, I've been learning a lot about the times and issues surrounded the Second Vatican Council. On the way also are the actual Documents of the Vatican II in book form. What brought this on? I'm tired of the rhetoric and I'm tired of being truly ignorant of this topic. My level of knowledge is limited to what has been experiential (music, Mass...) on my part and hearing other people talk about.

No more.

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