Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Seems like a long time since I’ve really blogged.  Meh, its summer right?


Some great personal news first:  As of August 3rd I will have paid off all of my credit card debt.  Yes I had tons of credit card debt from my, ahem, oh so responsible college years.  Well, one of those companies actually owes me money now.  Oh the irony.


In other news, I’m buying a Mitsubishi Galant.  New for me as they say, it is a 2002.  The thing is beautiful.  In even more irony my car payments are equal to the combined card payments I was making.   Funny how that works eh?


A kind lady from my parish who lives just minutes from my house has offered to drive me to daily Mass in the mornings.  This means I have the opportunity to get a daily dose of the traditional liturgy.  The past couple of days has been so much more fulfilling than the local “new mass” parish, although I haven’t completely stopped going there either.  On the days I can’t wrestle myself out of bed in time for the early TLM Mass I will happily attend the ordinary form. 


I could come up with several funny analogies as to the difference in attending the TLM daily and the OF daily, but I won’t because it would be improper.  However one of the benefits I will describe to you is the fact that in my TLM parish we have great stained glass windows (which aren’t as nice in the OF parish) and seeing the early morning sun shine through them produces a great effect.  There is confession every morning before Mass as well and Rosary afterwards.  Its like a total package inside of the hour.


My good friend from college, Jarred, is getting married on Friday and he’s asked me to lector.  So I’ll be gone the next couple of days to Jersey. 


the dúnadan said...

You should write to the said credit card company that owes you money and warn it - in red writing - of the consequences of non payment!

Moonshadow said...

Which diocese/parish in Jersey?

the consequences of non payment!

Ah, yes. Sadly, it doesn't work that way. They'll cut you a check eventually.

Matt said...

Diocese of Patterson, St. Francis Xavier Parish.

Yup, I have to wait 10 days for them to pay me. I should threaten them with a collection agency...

Matt said...

Oh, that parish is located in Vernon. I went to the daily mass there and stayed a little for the First Friday adoration to pray for the new couple.

Sigh, I should blog this but I'll just put it in here. The daily Mass was interesting because there was a lady there who had a mantilla on. At first I thought nothing of it because I see it daily. Then I was like "wait, hold on here. That woman is in a mantilla."

Obviously pious but at the same time a little confused. She made up her own gestures. She knelt at times, bowed at others. There were a few things she did I recognized from the TLM but overall I think she made it all up. And to boot, she held hands with everyone during the Our Father. (I, on the other hand, did not...)

In fact I had never seen hand holding during the Our Father in such an outspoken manner. It looked pagan to my eyes. However I must say the faith of that parish seemed vibrant. Except for the hand holding and stretched out hand blessing it was a good experience.

Matt said...

Whoops, that parish i think is actually Francis De Sales...not Xavier.

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