Thursday, August 28, 2008


As the world tunes into Obamabowl tonight I just have a few things to say…


He’s speaking in a stadium.  So what.  Numerous musical acts are opening for him.  Oprah is there with diamond “Obama” sunglasses.  So what.  He’s the first African-American nominated to be president by a major political party (In the USA).  So what. 

Obama has turned this from a serious discussion about the country’s future into a celebrity affair.  I fear this will change politics in the future.  Now sports stadium addresses will be commonplace.  Obama is a pop-star who has done nothing and yet may very well be the next president.


And yet, so what.  If this is how Americans feel about politics, that it is a celebrity parade, then we deserve what we get.  I wonder what all those people in the stadium will think when they learn they can’t vote by dialing 1-877-IDOL-01 and then hear “This is Barrack Obama!  Thanks for voting and make sure you watch next week!”

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Chrissy Joy said...

Just to put things into perspective, my favorite football team plays in a bigger stadium than Obama spoke in. It is ALWAYS full, and they are not by any means celebrities, with the exception of maybe here in Columbus OH.

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