Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bookstore Wars!

Tonight I went to Borders to try and spend part of my $50 gift card given to me by my sister.  As I walked in I passed several tables and standalone bookshelves with books either by or on the topics of Barry, Joe, John, and Sarah.  Both paperback and hardback, but sadly and expectedly no fiddleback editions.  The political wars in print are nothing new, and have been around ever since Protestants in Germany and England used the printing press to smear the Church with lies about the inquisition all while using even more horrific modes of torture than Spain could even dream about. 


Thankfully we Christians are now on better terms with each other.  But politicians aren’t.  But am I impressed if you’ve got a book on the table at Borders?  Nope. 


Then I went back to the Religion section and there is a war going on.  There has been for about a year and a half now though.  Nowadays in the religion section there are almost as many Neo-Atheism books as there are any other subject.  There are more than just the famous ones.  I assume they all say the same thing, and its annoying to see them there.  I suppose it makes sense since they are dealing with the topic of religion. 


But today I obviously walked into a skirmish of some sort.  Atheism books were scattered amongst the regular religion books.  Some of them were placed in front of well known religious titles which were correctly in their place.  For instance, a copy of “The God Delusion” was placed on top of the US Catechism for Adults (USCCB).  That is just one example, but the whole section was messed up.  I even found a copy of the Koran placed on top of an NRSV Catholic Edition. 


Evidently the Christians struck back.  Among the Atheist books was to be found the Aquinas Catechism, Catholicism Answer Book, and several well known Protestant authors. 


I should also point out that the Jewish and Muslim sections were also a little tweaked but not nearly as bad.  This all could have been the work of one bookstore chaos attempt and not a war.  But I think my version of the events is correct, if not at least more interesting. 


p.s. If you are wondering what I bought, it was Fulton Sheen’s autobiography “Treasures in Clay” and B16’s “Christ Our Hope” which are his talks from his U.S. visit in April put into book format. 

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