Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow! I was so close to the center of news on Sunday I had no idea. As I was walking out, two men were being arrested on the steps of the Basilica. I walked right in between them as they were being handcuffed. They looked like absolutely normal people.

I asked 2 of the ushers:

Me: "Do people get arrested here after mass often?
One replied: "Oh well, I've never seen it but sometimes we have demonstrators."

I figured they were PRO-abortion demonstrators. Then when I got back to my car there was a pamphlet wedged in the door "Is it immoral to vote for Obama?" The answer: yes, according to this brochure.



Cecilia Rose said...

I can't believe that! I was there at the Latin Mass on Sunday morning, took a brochure, and thanked the guy who handed it to me for getting the word out! Then a lady gave me several more to give to my friends. I must've left right before they got arrested. That is absolutely ridiculous...what is it with pro-life people being arrested in Baltimore?? Did you hear of the Face the Truth people who got arrested last month?

God Bless!

Matt said...

Hi Cecilia -

No, I had no idea Baltimore had a problem with this. But I did check out the website for the group that got arrested and it appears they have some outwardly offensive brochures.

You would think that being on the inside of the gates of the Church, one could claim "asylum". I guess that no longer counts.

Are you a regular Latin Mass attendee there?

lvschant said...

ISTM that I have read that the group had a history of some rather extreme behavior, but I find nothing particularly offensive in the brochure. It also doesn't seem that they were acting in a rude or offensive manner. I can't see why they would have been arrested. Is the archdiocese afraid they'll lose their tax-exempt status if they don't support the prosecution of these folks?

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