Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New (Book) Arrival

For my birthday this past Saturday I received a brand new Haydock “Douay-Rheims” Bible. I promise a full-review as soon as I can find my camera battery charger… I like doing the book reviews and to be honest they are my most visited posts. (you’d probably be quite surprised…)

A few quick notes:

  • This is a photographic reprint, so some of the text is a little "cracked" and/or "fuzzy".
  • The little bit of cracked/fuzziness is forgiven due to the size of the text. This bible is large print.
  • The pictures in it are black and white too, but they are sharp, not fuzzy.
  • The commentary size is pretty much identical to most “regular size bible” commentary text. So if you know what that means, you’ll understand just how much commentary is in this Bible. You’ll see when I post pictures.
  • Just one ribbon.
  • Nice cover.
  • Great Bible Dictionary and History in the back.
  • I love having a picture of Pius IX in the front of a Bible.

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