Monday, October 13, 2008

Battle's Eve ...

King St. Edward the Confessor
1003 - 1066 A.D.

Good evening! Indeed it is, for today is the Feast of St. Edward the Confessor...also known as Battle's Eve! Tomorrow is the all important anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. 942 years ago the field was set and William the Conqueror was about to wipe the old guard of the British Isles out of the fight. William did not defeat our Saint of God, he defeated Harold II.

Here is a document with his seal on it. These people actually existed and its nice to see things like this from a time long ago when kings and duke reigned, not republicans and democrats.

Recommended reading:

William the Conqueror by Hillaire Belloc published by TAN Books

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Moonshadow said...

Always liked that ol' A-S art ... and history.

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