Thursday, October 02, 2008


I am going to replay for you the recent conversation our "Representative" government has had with us over the past few weeks.

Gov.: Hey, there's a financial emergency.
Us: Ok, can you explain how it happened?

Gov: It wasn't us, thats for sure.
Us: Ok, anything else?

Gov: FIRE FIRE! We must act now!
Us: Um, ok, well we smell the fire but we can't really tell where its coming from. Let's take a look here...

Gov: No, you must accept whatever we tell you.
Us: Ok, what is that then?

Gov: Basically, its socialism, but we're calling it a Bail Out and plan on adding a ton of pork and extremely necessary earmarks to it which you also have to swallow.
Us: Necessary earmarks? Thanks, but no thanks.

Gov: You aren't even supposed to know about the earmarks, just ignore them. This is an absolute emergency.
Us: We said no.

Gov: Look, we realize we're asking you to eat this giant lemon, but lemons aren't so bad are they?
Us: We don't want to eat your lemon.

Us: *sigh*

Gov: Ok, we'll try the airplane method...

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