Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Traveling Post

Good day.  I’m on the road here for my yearly road trip and yesterday I made my way from Carlisle to Lancaster.  I had a lot of time to kill so I figured I would GPS the local Catholic Bookstore here in Lancaster and take a look around.  I had never been in “center city” Lancaster and didn’t expect it to be nightmarishly annoying to drive in.  Lancaster is known for black buggy Amish people but there were none to be seen while making my way through the traffic of the “Historic” Lancaster city.  The streets are narrow and claustrophic.  When my GPS and I eventually found the bookstore, which had no website, it was closed.  I should have known.  Most Catholic bookstores only stay open until after anyone who works can actually shop there. 


I programmed my hotel into the GPS and happily got myself out of the tangled mess of traffic and returned to the more familiar Route 30 Lancaster.  This is my one time during the year when I actually “shop”.  I hate clothing shopping and its really a chore for me than anything else.  One this I will never understand is how women can spend hours doing that.  In the outlets there is a “Bible Outlet” which is anything but.  There are a few shelves with Bibles with all the necessary Protestant translations and editions.   They included the NRSV and so they did have the Catholic Edition.  But that was it.  All the Bibles were really expensive, especially for an “outlet”.  This was more like “Premium Price Bible Outlet”.   Who wants to buy a pocket KVJ for twenty bucks when my local overstock seller has them for six.  You get my drift.


I actually kind of like traveling for business.  I don’t mind hotels or restaurants.  The Divine Office has kept me on track.  Yes, I bring exorcised salt with me for the room.  No, it is not a superstition. 

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