Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Actually, I'm at the Chapel...

Gd'Evening readers. I have had several intentions answered lately in positive ways, and had an experience with prayer that was sort of odd. Not mine but someone else's. See, I'm going away this weekend and I had to call the kind lady who is my contact for the adoration chapel I volunteer at to have her find a substitute. When I called she answered the phone quietly and after I told her I'd be away I apologized for intruding on her dinner time. She said, "Actually, I'm at the chapel and I was just praying for odd..."

I was a little surprised because I hadn't asked for prayers and frankly I'm a little humbled that people I know might pray for me. I guess we all do it don't we? We all pray for people. Some regularly, some from time to time.

It makes me think of all the intentions I've offered up over the years for other people. I never know how they are answered or even if they are. But like I said, this week I have had a lot of my own answered. Perhaps her (or others as well) prayer for me was added to my own without her or me ever knowing. Its just something to think about.

More tomorrow perhaps. I need to delve more into this subject. Its time for my compline.

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