Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nuns at the Vote

My father just called me from the polling place, saying the line was so long he had to leave. We live in a rural area and so his report kind of surprised me. He also said there were 20 nuns in line. Its a safe bet those nuns are not voting for Obama. Also a safe bet is that if the lines are long in our rural area the general populace is voting McCain as a reaction against the Obama machine. After all, we appreciate our guns and religion.

While I took the dog out this morning it dawned on me that my particular vote in the Presidential election has the least impact on my ballot. I have often said that local elections are the most important to our daily lives. County, township, state, and other local officials can make your life a living hell if they want. For the president to effect my personal life he has to work really hard.

I suppose that is the way it has always been. Subjects in a monarchy probably related to their kings the same way, and it would follow that quality of political life mainly depended on who your local minor royalty or elected town council. Oh, did you know that in monarchies it was common to elect local councils?


I wanted to point out for those who hadn't seen it, Raymond Arroyo's blog post on the election. I think he nails it. Here is a snippet:

"We are being entertained to death this election season. America is about to elect a president based solely on star quality, bearing, and the tone of voice used in interviews. This is utter nonsense. The fact is: few of us are competent or informed enough to cast a reasonable vote this season. People will soon elect a president based on random surface impressions with absolutely no understanding of the long-term consequences of electing this person. We are facing an economic slowdown of mammoth proportions and entering moral and ethical terrain our forefathers would shudder over. This is a time for sober reflection, attention to positions beyond surface appearances, and prayer. In this very confusing time, the light of prayer might be just what the American voter needs most of all, and bit of reason as well. Hamilton, Madison and Jay I think would agree with me."

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