Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prayers for Injured Priest

We just learned tonight at our choir Christmas party that a priest whom I know quite well, Fr. Joseph Orlowski, FSSP has been injured badly in a car accident in Canada and is in the hospital.  Not quite sure of all the details but it sounds serious. Apparently there are several broken ribs and some other injuries.  We said a Rosary for him at the party. 

Father has met with my sister twice to help bring her into the Church.  So far, that has been delayed but she might be getting back on track soon.  Please pray for his quick and speedy recovery.


Jerry said...

Do you have any recent updates on Fr. Orlowski's condition? I just heard of his accident today. Fr. Orlowski served at our parish as a deacon then as assistant pastor after he was ordained. He is a very kind, intelligent, and dedicated priest.

My prayers are also with your sister for her conversion.


Matt said...

hi jerry, yes I can update some. I have been working with him on project over the phone recently and so we speak every few days. He is doing well. He's on crutches but he mobile now and in good spirits. He mentioned to me that he has been offering all of his sufferings up too, but still can't celebrate mass as last I understood. Keep praying for him!

Jerry said...

Thanks Matt. The next time you speak with him please let him know the folks in Tulsa are praying for him.

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