Monday, December 15, 2008

Strange situation...

I have a really weird situation here…and not only is it blog worthy but I seriously would like opinion on how to handle the matter. I recently bought a Christmas present for a family member and frankly, I think it was the perfect gift and something not too easily found. I hid it (it was a set of two books) under my desk wrapped in a bag with the receipt figuring they would be safe from prying eyes. Well it turns out that said family member lost their iPod and went on a hunting spree for it and in the course of that adventure found the presents, took them and put them on the shelf as though they found two books they had lost. The books are plain in the open and it’s a really odd situation now. I don’t think they realized they weren’t already theirs…that’s how perfect the gift was apparently. So….yeah….


Tim A. Troutman said...

Hah! No advice for you but that's funny.

Miriam Ezeh said...

Explain the situation. If you don't want to do that and your budget allows it, buy another book that you know this family member would like to read. (Hopefully, the books are morally sound). And hide it some place else.

But this is only if you have determined that it is financially sensible as well to do so. I am not a fan of wasting money. :o)

Matt said...

"Hopefully, the books are morally sound."

Hi Miriam - they are as far as i know. I'm pretty hardcore about that sort of thing even to the annoyance of the rest of my family, but I've muted my human respect enough to not care. These are books of classical English poetry. A lot of the poetry is actually Catholic...I noticed some really nice ones about Our Lady.

Marquis said...

Take the books back off the shelf and wrap them in a nice package and put it under the tree.



Matt said...


That is exactly what I have chosen to do. It'll probably get a funny reaction to them come Christmas ("I already have these!"..."Um, well, yes and no...") but we'll all get a laugh out of it. The rest of the family already knows.

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