Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a couple things.

I am busy busy busy right now…so here’s some snippets…


I’m glad none of you think it’s a great idea to make Catholicism “cool”.  That’s a relief.  I have come to despise “cool Catholicism” lately.  More on that later perhaps.


In recent days I have come across some anti-traditionalist chatter by ardent Novus Ordo defenders on the internet and I’m somewhat amazed to see it frankly.  I might be revving up for a post on it.  Frankly, I find it somewhat of an aberration that one can be “all for tradition!” and yet have such a loathing for traditional forms of worship.  There is a touch of revisionist history thrown in with the criticism, which isn’t so shocking when you think of what has been taught about the Mass in recent times. 


Finished Fulton Sheen’s autobiography the other day.  Great book.  I think it would be a perfect gift for a priest.  Two things in the book struck me.  The first was his support for the Second Vatican Council.  I suppose its not shocking since he participated, but glowing support for the direction the Church took I did not expect.  Don’t think for a moment here he went liberal, he saw the social justice theme as an orthodox balance to all the emphasis on personal salvation.   He never mentions the liturgical changes…  There is a chapter on silence and not breaking people down in the Church.  I am taking his advice in the matter to heart.  The second thing that struck me was his chapter on Mary.  It really gave me something to think about.  Bp. Sheen didn’t only have devotion to Mary, he had a personal relationship with Mary. 


I’m sure some of my protestant readers just got a shiver down their spine.  Yes, I said a “personal relationship with Mary.”  I think it was the best chapter in the book.  Now I have started “The World’s First Love” by Bp. Sheen, which is one of his book’s devoted to Our Lady. 

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