Friday, March 20, 2009

Continuing the Slavery Mentality

Just a quick comment.  In the news this week in our Holy Father's trip to Africa.  On the plane he made this comment:

I would say that one cannot overcome this problem of AIDS only with money.  It's necessary, but if there isn't the heart/soul which know how to apply it, it doesn't help, one cannot overcome it with the distribution of condoms: on the contrary, they increase the problem."

Of course, the anti-Catholic bigots can't get enough of criticizing his comment.  Never mind the fact that he is RIGHT, I see this as a racist issue.  

I used to not think America was still a racist country.  I have changed this position.  We are still racist.  At least the liberals are.  Those who have fought tooth and nail to help minorities in the country now, or pretended to, in the spirit of helping the less fortunate, impose their views and lifestyles like overlords who "know better".  In many ways we have overcome our racist attitudes except in the area that matters most:  feeling superior.  

The Africans don't want those condoms.  But our liberals think THEY KNOW BETTER than the quaint tribal and therefore seemingly stupid Africans.  We still have the slave ship mentality, only this time they are peddling morality (or lack thereof)

Let me point something out that I think should be obvious to everyone.  People who know how to live in the most extreme conditions, which are oppressive heat, war and poverty all around them, who know how to hunt the most dangerous animals, survive in some cases on minimal amounts of food, know how to build their own houses, make clothes, etc, are not stupid.  In fact, that is heroic.  Let's put a liberal in the dry arid wilderness of Africa and see how long they make it.  

By the way, reports are that this isn't even a controversy in Africa, where the Pope is right now.  They are just jubliant he is there.  

The liberals also impose their racist and classist views on the inner city blacks the same way.  They cull the opportunities by, ironically, giving them stuff.  They have destroyed the family.  They are now trying to kill the only thing left, which is now gasping for breath as it is: the conscience.

Raymond Arroyo btw, was brilliant last night on the O'Reilly Factor...


Moonshadow said...

Unfortunately, his remark recalled to my mind this story about Catholic clergy in Africa ... prompting my sarcastic interior voice to suggest he start with his own priests.

Matt said...

Wow, I am really behind...on my own blog!

He has started with his own priests. In fact a ton of work has been done right?

But then, should the Church, with all her sinners stop teaching morals? No, its her duty.

Yes sometimes he is preaching to the choir, but perhaps the only difference between the them and the non-adherent is that the choir recognizes their unworthiness and is trying to do something about it.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton