Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A little over a year ago, maybe last April or so, before the leaves were back on the trees our mailbox was smashed. We figured it was just a bunch of kids, since mailboxes get smashed all the time. Two weeks later we woke up one Saturday morning to find an outline of a dead body was drawn at the top of our driveway, with police tape tied to the trees and ketchup splattered to mimic fake blood. We called the cops, who came and took pictures but didn't think much of it. I was a little annoyed at that...

Then two weeks after that...

I was sitting in my room next to the window. I had just finished watching a movie when I heard in a loud whisper "Come on, come on, let's go, let's go!" I ran down the steps and outside...it was about 12:30, really foggy, really dark. But the outisde driveway lights were on. I didn't see anyone but started up the top of the hill. There was a golf cart parked a the top of our driveway and then I heard someone in the woods say "There is someone on the hill!"

To which I replied "I'M CALLING THE POLICE!" Then I went back inside to rally the rest of the family. Since the police did nothing before hand the decision was made at least for the moment to not call them immediately. We went back outside and found feces, yes feces, thrown on one of our cars and on the pavement.

Turns out one of them works at the golf course less than a mile away, apparently got drunk, took a cart with some buddies, crapped in the cup holders, and threw the rest on one of our cars. Then when they were caught they drove the cart into a creek. They got ratted out.

But nothing came of it, for a bunch of dumb reasons.

It happened again when I was away last summer on my trip to Evansville. But nobody told me until well after the fact.

Fastforward to this past Sunday morning. I woke up to my sister screaming that she had burnt her arms on the espresso maker in the kitchen. She ended up in the emergency room. But anyway, when I walked out to my car to go to Mass I had feces smeared all over the window and the door handle.

Not happy. The rest of my family has finally had it. New security system finally going in tonight. Hopefully that will deter...

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