Thursday, June 04, 2009

Discovering the Martyrology

I never spent any time with the Roman Martyrology before. Now that I am getting into the Anglican Breviary I have been reading its entry everyday at Prime.

There is no English version of the modern Martyrology available. Latin only. Maybe that is why it is so out of favor now. Or maybe someone somewhere has decided that standing up for the faith, rather than perpetual dialogue, is not to be encouraged. I don't know, just sayin' ...

Reading the Lives of the Saints is one thing. Reading a list of martyrs for the day is quite another.

Here are two from today:

At Sissek in Illyria, in the time of Governor Galerius, St. Quirinus, bishop. Prudentius relates that for the faith of Christ he was thrown into a river with a millstone tied to his neck. But the stone floated, and he for a long time exhorted the Christians who were present not to be terrified by his punishment, nor to waver in the faith, and then obtained of God by his prayers that he should be drowned in order to attain the glory of martyrdom.

At Milan, in the reign of Emperor Nero, St. Clateus, bishop of Brescia and martyr. By order of the prefect of the city he was arrested, and when he would not deny Christ he was cruelly scourged and beheaded.

From . Caution, that website is produced by sedevavantists, or at least people with sedevacantist leanings. Just an FYI.

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