Monday, June 29, 2009

Now a Knight of Columbus

Our parish has started a new council for the Knights of Columbus and a good portion of the men have joined, including myself.

It was good to see how orthodox the organization is. We were told before we were inducted not to join unless we were 100% Pro-life, believed marriage was between a man and a woman, and were in union with the Holy See. If those things do not match your views, then the fraternity isn't for you.

I almost chuckled after the visiting inductor Knight said that, because if he knows anything about my parish, orthodoxy is not a problem.

I'm looking forward to getting more involved.


Brett said...

Hi Matt, I am a 35 year family guy (father of three) and a convert just this past Easter! I really enjoy your blog and this post piqued interest especially. I've been trying what to get involved with in my Parish post-RCIA and had thought about the Knights. But folks have been telling me, "the Knights of Columbus is for old people..." on and on, so I've been somewhat dissuaded. I've be interested in hearing more on your general impressions as time goes on. Thanks, Brett

Matt said...

Hi Brett,

Glad to hear from a fellow convert. Welcome to the Church. As far as knights go, if people say it's only for old guys that can be fixed pretty easy by younger ones joining. At my parish probably most of the men there are under 40 or so, since we are traditionalist with the Latin mass. Our new council reflects that. There are even some 18/19 year old who joined as well.

I'll definitely be posting more as time goes on, keep reading!

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