Monday, July 06, 2009

Green Thumb?

In mid-Spring I wanted to test my green thumb, though I have zero experience, so I dumped a bunch of tomato seeds I got at Wal*Mart into a pot with some potting soil. Now I have about a dozen plants. However I did kill one basil plant that was store bought. Rather than give up, I dumped a whole thing of basil seeds into a pot and now about 30 basil plants that have sprouted.

Since I like to cook, there won't be any problem using the fruits of my labor. I am bracing myself for hundreds of tomatoes. But I also purchased one of those Topsy-Turvy things "As Seen on TV" from the drug store. You can make fun of me in the comment box. I don't care.

I think the plant is angry. It is trying its utmost to grow up rather than down. It seems that is the strategy behind the Topsy-Turvey. If you were to stretch out the plant and point it straight down its almost twice as large as the largest potted one I have (above). But the stem on the potted plant looks stronger. They were both planted at the same time so looks like the Topsy-Turvey actually works. We'll see how it works out.

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